Why JB’s Executive Coaching is a Must-Have for Family Businesses


In the world of family businesses, challenges are common, and the stakes are high. Often, family business leaders only realize they need help after facing tough times and failures.

Perhaps you can relate to that. Perhaps you've considered working with an executive coach but deemed it a luxury rather than a necessity.

Let me show you why this isn't the case.

Personalized Service - 'Not 'One Size Fits All'

Every family business is different, with its unique dynamics, values, and goals. This is why generic, one-size-fits-all approaches don't work.

Instead, coaching is about individual leadership development -- how to lead through difficult market changes, for example, or dealing challenging with family dynamics in the board room.. It's about seeking innovative approaches when everyone wants to stay with the status quo.

To achieve this, I design specific strategies tailored to each family's situation. From governance to leadership changes to business strategies, I personalize my approach to the issues you face.

  • 1

    Flexibility and Agility

    • Larger consulting firms can be slow and bureaucratic.
    • I work smarter and quicker. I'm flexible enough to adapt to sudden changes, and agile enough to help family businesses thrive - even in uncertain times. I'm not interested in pushing my own agenda; it's all about finding the best way to address your needs.

  • 2

    Direct Access to Experts

    • You get direct access to me and my experienced colleagues when needed.
    • This hands-on approach ensures that I can hear your concerns and offer immediate assistance.

  • 3

    Cost-Effective Solution

    • My services are valuable without being excessively costly. I tailor pricing structures to suit your needs, helping you avoid the higher costs associated with larger firms.

  • 4

    Deep Relationships

    • I aim to build a lasting, meaningful relationship with you. To make you part of my extended family and support you at each stage of your journey.

Where there's a trusted relationship, there's confidentiality. I can act as a sounding board to explore things you can't discuss with employees or that you want to test out before you go to a family member.


As a family business leader, you've likely faced challenges and uncertainties. Don't wait until things get tough to seek help.

Reach out for a personalized consultation today and straighten your family business as a thriving enterprise.