"Why am I a business advisor? ... because I could have used my help 10 years ago."


Let me explain...

When I inherited responsibility for my family’s commercial real estate business in 2011, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

My father had just passed away, and on top of the grief I felt, I suddenly had a number of challenges facing me.

My first order of business was to step up and manage what I could. My second order was to call a trusted advisor to help me!

Though I’d had a successful corporate career and business advisory consultancy, coming into a new industry brought new challenges I couldn’t foresee. And simply put, I couldn’t do it all myself.

When the smoke cleared, I’d carved out a new path for the company. I’d learned a ton about commercial real estate. And I’d found a desire to help others through their challenges, regardless of industry. So, I became a business coach and trusted advisor.

I work most often with family businesses and small-to-medium-sized businesses sharing wisdom from experience ⁠— helping explore and identify possibilities, finding the right resources to help with the specifics of financing, lawsuits, property issues, succession planning, legacy planning, and a whole lot more.

When opposing counsel throw up their hands, they call me to help mediate and prepare people for difficult conversations. Sometimes, lawsuits can be avoided altogether.

I'm glad to help. I understand how much it means to you and all of your stakeholders.

Do you need a Trusted Business Advisor?

5 ways I can help...


Family Business


SMB Business







  1. Family Business

Keeping it in the family
is tougher than it looks!

It’s not easy to run a family business. 

Not only are there high expectations, but also the challenges of dealing with family members as employees – who happen to have decades of shared history and behaviors.

So, when issues arise in family businesses, they’re often deeper than they appear: strong opinions. resentments, hidden agendas, and a whole lot more.

I get to the core of these issues and help find a way forward. No matter how bad a situation seems, I can help. In fact, I call myself a professional “relationship rebuilder.”

How can I help your family business find peace and prosperity?

Here are some ways...

  • Guiding families through ownership transfer
  • Effective legacy plans to pass down generational wealth
  • Refining governance structures
  • Giving every family member a voice in the conversation

Working in concert with attorneys and your business' stakeholders, I help map out the future with buy-in from everyone. Every family has unique dynamics and business goals to achieve. I keep both in mind, and help you find the right path forward.

I know family businesses. Because I’ve owned one.

When my father died suddenly in February 2011, I became the Executor of his estate, Power of Attorney for my mother and Managing General Partner for the family commercial real estate business in Tennessee, which was still reeling from the 2008 recession.

Over the past decade, I’ve dealt both with the family and business side of a family business: technology infrastructure, financing, business valuations, business sales and ownership negotiations, lawsuits, property issues, new business acquisition, strategic planning, etc. I also redefined the business focus as result of change in ownership and the next generation’s interests and priorities. At the same time, I was continuing my own business advisory consultancy 200 miles away in Atlanta.

So, I may have an idea of how you might be feeling!

2. SMB Business

It’s tough to get bigger
if you can’t get better.

The biggest problems for small-to-medium sized businesses? Lack of funds and lack of time.

The first one is tougher to address. I can help you define business strategy and clarify a company’s vision, growth, and goals, and more.

The second one is a little easier. You’ve got 24 hours in a day. And I’ve got ways to help you take full advantage of your time.

I’ll also facilitate the development of a long-term strategic view of a business, including leadership, innovation, governance, and process by opening lines of communication within companies and their leadership teams.

How can I help?

  • Look at ways to leverage your time – including hiring, delegating and outsourcing
  • Finding personal “thinking time” and “deep work” time, which is crucial to your success
  • Figure out whether you’re working more tactically or strategically
  • Help put the systems in place that grow your business – so you don’t have to work 100 hours a week!

It’s largely about simplifying, focusing, and doing less to achieve more.

3. Consultant

Most people don’t like consultants.
Most consultants aren’t Jennifer Bush.

When you think of consultants, you think of the big guys. You know their names, their acronyms, their strategies, and their price tags.

But when you think of Jennifer Bush, you think of someone who’s the best listener you’ve ever known. She invests in you and wants to know your aspirations. She listens intently without judgment to help you find new ways to solve complex, nagging problems regarding your family businesses, stakeholder collaboration, governance practices, and more.

She is someone who’s entrusted by corporations such as Delta Airlines, The Coca-Cola Company, Palmetto Dunes Resort, Louisiana Workers Compensation Corp (LWCC), Georgia Power Company, and more. She is someone you can trust.

Some of my key engagements...

  • Multi-generational family business owners with revenues of $50M to $500M

    who want to minimize and resolve family dysfunction – effectively passing down successful businesses and wealth to future generations of their family.

  • Philanthropic individuals and organizations with assets of $100M to $1B

    that seek to identify their vision, crate a strategy and KPIs, and execute programs to achieve maximum community impacts.

  • Public & Private Partnerships

    focused on community economic redevelopment that requires collaboration across the public, private and philanthropic sectors

These are just a few of my bona fides. If you keep reading, you’ll learn more about my specialties!

4. Advisor

Good advice is worth
what you’re willing to invest.

Many advisors specialize in one area – financial, legal, human resources, technology, marketing, and more. But in your role, you’re likely not a specialist. You juggle the leadership of every facet of the business.

As a seasoned small business owner & operator, I’m a natural strategist who works with your company to pursue your aspirations. Wherever you need improvement, that’s where we’ll start.

Together, we’ll create a long-term strategic view of your business, which might include leadership, governance, and processes. Plus, we’ll open lines of communications within your organization, for greater involvement.

Think of me as an extension of yourself. But only the best parts!

5. Due Diligence

Change is only possible
in a safe environment.

What’s the difference between a successful merger and an awful one?

The right information, research, and teamwork. Previously, due diligence was just financial information. Now it covers nearly every area of a target company – including operations, strategy, leadership, sales/marketing, finance, and HR.

In my career, I’ve dealt with financing, partnership agreements, lawsuits, property issues, and almost everything else a small-to-medium sized business owner goes through. So, I have a great perspective on financial, cultural, and operational issues that are crucial to your acquisition.

Together, we’ll work to find greater efficiencies and move toward achieving the company’s aspirations and goals.

Ginger Goldsmith

"Jennifer helps you unpack. Like two different parents. Sometimes you want to hear it not from a legal standpoint. She’s more of the emotional side. She takes the business language and translates it in a personal way."

Ginger Goldsmith

4th generation family business owner and family foundation trustee

"She’s an executive coach that focuses on the strategic planning side of business and long-term market shifts.”

Jay Self

President & CEO

We all have blind spots.

I know I do! That’s why I have an executive coach myself. I’ll work with you to uncover yours, plus help draw up a roadmap for your continued success.

Together, we’ll put the people, processes and systems in place to help you succeed both professionally and personally.

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