As an executive, every important initiative starts with you.

In fact, everything you do is a part of writing your story – from the people you hire, to the way you present yourself, right down to how you communicate. Missed cues can make or break entire careers. So, don’t let something superficial decide your fate!

I know that being a leader can be lonely. It’s tough to get the right feedback, especially from someone who doesn't have a personal agenda. That’s why my approach starts with where you are.

So, what do I really do?

As an executive coach, I help you maximize your effectiveness. In essence, I help the good become great.

Marcie Beskind

"I'm fortunate to have been a beneficiary of Jennifer's executive coaching. Jennifer is very sharp and business-savvy, and she excels at distilling an issue down to its core. Her directness and willingness to challenge me enables me to be a better leader. I have grown tremendously as a leader thanks to Jennifer."

Marcie Beskind

Chief Financial Officer

"Jennifer is open, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares. She asks questions in a way that allows people to find the answers for themselves and guides entrepreneurs with tangible and actionable processes to benefit their businesses."

Erin Igleheart

Director, Start:ME Accelerator
Amy Splittgerber

"Jennifer's work is a non-templated, tailored approach to coaching. She's not afraid to challenge and discern what is important and what is not and then help install tools that make for a more effective approach to leadership. She often did not tell me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. Jennifer enabled me to be a stronger leader by helping me identify opportunities for growth, articulate and celebrate my wins, obtain clarity on objectives which led to better decisions and investments, and just helped me play 'the long game'. I walked away equipped with contextual and tangible skills that I'll use in my business and personal relationships for the rest of my life. I see the fruits of Jennifer's labor blossom every day. I only wish that I'd met Jennifer sooner."

Amy Splittgerber

Executive Director

How my executive coaching helps you maximize your effectiveness

Some ways I can help:


Give you a better understanding of yourself and how you’re seen by others.


Be another set of eyes – to help you see the bigger picture.


Work with you on communication, so people will not only listen but also hear and act upon what you're saying.


Act as a sounding board for your aspirations, concerns, and ideas.


Contribute a career’s worth of high-level corporate experience from which to draw.



Are you working in your business?
Working on your business?
Or are you out of the loop?

Business is simple… in theory.

Find a market. Sell a product. Receive money. Then put people, processes, and systems in place for support. Simple, sustainable, repeatable. Right? Not quite.

To achieve business success, you need a strategy: a clear set of values, goals, plans, and decisions that outline how you’ll reach both your aspirations and your company's objectives. Then, articulate your vision to guide decision making and actions at every level of your organization. That’s your strategy.

How do I help YOUR strategy?

I create, in collaboration with stakeholders, a vision in both broad and fine strokes to help achieve these agreed-upon goals. Not only will we gain a clear consensus, but we’ll also map out concrete action plans and projections, as well as the levers you can push and pull to expand your business.

Then I coach you as you execute with a strategic and tactical plan to fulfill this vision. Now it should be simpler. But it’s still not easy. You got this!



Innovation doesn’t always happen in a lab.
It happens when it has to.

You’ve heard that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, change often demands innovation!

Think about COVID. It taught us that humans are uniquely adaptable, among other things. We quickly pivoted the whole world to a digital landscape, and found solutions to keep ourselves and our communities safe.

Rather than fight change, we must understand that it’s inevitable. And in the business world, not every organization is as welcoming of change as others. Some organizations are resistant and react negatively to new structural, technological, or process changes.

Thing is … people aren’t resistant to change. Instead, it’s the unknown they don’t like. Because reluctantly, we all know that growth is a part of change. And companies need to grow!

Lowering the barriers to internal innovation starts with communication and culture. And that’s where I come in.



We all need an extra set of eyes
to see the bigger picture.

It comes down to having someone you trust, who you can bounce ideas off, and who has the expertise and wisdom to help you think about things – and provide direction where you can learn more.

The best part is that I’m completely objective. My only skin in the game is your success! I don’t have an agenda about what you do. My agenda: I want you to be stronger in the areas where you want to be stronger.


Conflict Resolution

When they said this, and they said that …
we’ve got problems.

A lot of times, conflicts just come down to different expectations or desired outcomes.

When I help people and companies with conflict resolution, I distill and address the root cause of mis-communications, address personality “rubs” and help with the management of those expectations.

My specialty is steering disparate points of view toward thoughtful and respectful conversations, which almost always result in shared understanding and productive plans to move forward.

In this facet of work, I use my many years of corporate HR experience to help you understand other viewpoints and clarify your values, goals, and aspirations.



Change is only possible
in a safe environment.

Not every conflict can be resolved easily. Sometimes, it requires an experienced and thoughtful leader to facilitate discussions and guide parties toward mutually acceptable agreements.

When there are conflicts you can’t address on your own (or that you need help with) that’s when I come in. I build bridges, so stakeholders can communicate more openly and honestly with each other – and ultimately make beneficial decisions.

First, I start with something everyone can agree on. As a mediator, I’m a neutral party that helps groups and people resolve their disputes.

What I do as a mediator:

  • Facilitate discussion
  • Guide parties toward agreeable outcomes
  • Find major solutions to issues
  • Work toward key details, like payment plans

Unlike an arbitrator (or other agent of the law), I don’t render binding decisions. I just guide parties toward negotiation and settlement. Depending on the issue, you may be able to avoid expensive litigation. That way, we can all move forward!


We all have blind spots.

I know I do! That’s why I have an executive coach myself. I’ll work with you to uncover yours, plus help draw up a roadmap for your continued success.

Together, we’ll put the people, processes and systems in place to help you succeed both professionally and personally.

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