Nurturing Legacy and Values in Family Business Growth


"Always put your heart into it... Do a good job, never cut corners, ensure customer satisfaction."

Jaxen Doucette.


The story of Doucette's Boat Building is a heartwarming one. It's a blend of legacy, mentorship, and unwavering values - the keys to sustained success.

What can we learn from their example? Read on to find out.

Humble Beginnings

In 1990, Jimmy Doucette laid the foundation of Doucette's Boat Building, crafting wooden boats on Prince Edward Island.

But it was the transition from wooden boats to fiberglass that marked a pivotal moment for the company.

"He built six or seven of his own wooden boats," explains grandson and new owner, Jaxen. "Then they took a mold off the last wooden boat, which gives us our fiberglass boat."

The company is currently constructing its 125th boat. They produce one boat per month and typically have four boats under construction simultaneously.

Legacy and Mentorship

Jaxen said his love for the business came naturally, because "I was always around. My grandfather, my father, and my uncle always worked here."

This was more than a transfer of business from one generation to another. It was the handing down of a legacy.

The passing of the business torch from Jimmy to Jaxen echoes the importance of mentorship and succession.

Values Beyond Business

Jimmy didn't just pass on the business. He passed on its values too. Dedication. Integrity. Customer satisfaction.

"He taught me to make sure that you're always putting your heart into it," Jaxen says. "And always make sure that you're doing a good job and never cut corners. And just always make sure the customer is satisfied and you're doing it to your full ability."

Jaxen's commitment to excellence reflects a dedication beyond profits. One that fosters trust and builds connections with customers.


In the world of family businesses, the Doucette journey exemplifies the power of legacy, mentorship, and adaptability. As family business leaders, reflect on your own legacy, uphold your values, and provide mentorship to the next generations. Embrace change as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Draw inspiration from Doucette's Boat Building. As you steer your business, remember that it's not just about profits – it's about the lasting impact you create.

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