Referees and Family Dynamics: How Executive Coaching Can Restore Harmony


Are you reeling from a referee decision that cost your NBA team points over the weekend?

Sports would not be sports without fans complaining about a referee decision. Without coaches berating the refs from the baseline, or the social media outcry at the “ineptitude” of officiating standards.



Sometimes, being an executive coach for a family business can be equally as tough.

Just like the referee, we constantly face pushback. From family members resistant to change. And those reluctant to relinquish control.

That’s understandable because:

  • People have done things a certain way for a long time - for very good reasons.
  • The business might have enjoyed a measure of success doing it that way
  • Personal pride is at stake.

Meanwhile, the younger generation is coming through. They want to take on more responsibility. And make changes that reflect their vision for the family business and changing cultural norms.

These things can cause conflict within a family business. Especially if they’re left unchecked and allowed to fester.

Just as the best referees take players and captains to one side and encourage dialogue to resolve the situation, I facilitate effective communication in a way that’s fair and equal.

Because that’s by far the most effective way to sort things out.

When a referee smooths out issues, the game flows better. It becomes more enjoyable. And memorable for things other than the referee's decisions.

That’s my mission, too.

As an executive coach, I ensure effective conflict resolution. I smooth things out, keep the peace, and promote harmony across your business and your family.

The result? A family business that thrives through its evolution. That bridges the generation gap and transitions seamlessly to new leadership. And a family that learns how to talk about the hard stuff and grows closer as a result.

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