If I was to ask you honestly what your priorities were, what would you say?

Maybe there’s a difference between what you think they are and what the time you allocate to each of them would reveal.

It’s easy to lose focus on the big things, like family, friends, and experiences. The things that allow us to be our authentic selves.

But it’s the world we live in. We get distracted. By the desire to be right. By chasing promotions and other professional ambitions. Straining ourselves to reach a destination that doesn’t exist instead of enjoying the ride.

Then companies spend millions vying for a slice of whatever time is left over. From social media apps on our devices to the latest Netflix suggestions.

And it’s strange because society is geared around convenience. On maximizing efficiency. On simplifying processes to the nth degree.

Convenience supposedly gives us more time. More opportunities to do things that bring us happiness with the people we love the most.

But it feels like we’ve never been busier. This video perfectly describes how we can optimize our priorities to be our authentic selves.

It shows a professor filling a jar with golf balls, then adding pebbles to fill the gaps, and finally filling the remaining space with sand.

The big things come first. Even with a full jar, there’s still space for smaller things.

If we put the smaller things first, then there’s no space left for the things we really want to prioritize. Like what brings happiness. Staying true to oneself amidst distractions and societal pressures. Not just in our personal life, but in business too.

In my capacity as an executive coach, I can help you rearrange your priorities. Maybe take out some sand. Add a few more golf balls. Or empty the jar completely and start again.

Get in touch today to see what we can achieve together.