Unveiling the Power of Values in Family Business Leadership


Values play a pivotal role in defining the path to success. They act as guiding stars. They illuminate the way forward and ensure that actions align with the core essence of the organization.

But not every company has them. And it’s easy to get stuck when trying to define them.

In this blog series, I wanted to take some time to explain the concept of business values, outline mine, and how to identify yours.

What are business values?

Business values are not just a list of buzzwords. They’re the essence of how we want to behave, regardless of our titles or roles. Values provide guidance. They help us make decisions about what products and services to provide, how we will interact with customers, suppliers, employees and partners, as well as what lines we will not cross. Values define a company’s culture. They are not something that can be imposed; instead, they grow organically and authentically.

They don’t happen overnight, and they require input from everyone.

My values

Here are the values that I always look to apply when I’m working with my clients:

1) Be client obsessed!

No matter what this sounds like or how difficult a conversation may be, it’s all with one purpose: putting my client’s needs and desires first.

2) Act with integrity and transparency

I wholeheartedly believe in this value. It reminds me that trust is a precious currency that can only be earned through unwavering integrity and openness.

3) Choose kindness and respect

I’m a great believer that interactions rooted in empathy and mutual respect achieve much more than those that don’t. A simple premise, yes, but a hugely important one.

4) Sustain confidentiality

Adding to #3, building trust means recognizing the importance of safeguarding sensitive information. If clients tell you private things – keep them private!

5) Tell the truth

Confront difficult truths and address concerns that others might shy away from, even to people in a position of power.

6) Keep an independent perspective

It’s good to try and keep a sense of perspective. It allows me to give unbiased and objective guidance instead of relying on personal bias.

These values aren’t superficial guidelines; they’re deeply ingrained principles that shape who I am.

In the coming blogs, I’ll delve deeper into how values draw lines and boundaries. How they define organizational culture and guide decisions in family businesses. Stay tuned for more insights!