Taking a Closer Look at the Correlation Between Trust and Profitability


Recent PwC research shows the positive impact trust has on profitability. This highlights a universal truth: that trust is essential for business success.

In this article, we'll explore some of the key findings from the report. We'll see how they translate into practical advice for business leaders. And how building trust can boost financial performance.

PwC Research Overview

PwC studied the influence trust has on profitability using metrics such as employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and stakeholder relationships. They found a strong link between the two. Why? Because it meant happier employees, loyal customers, and successful partnerships.

Correlation Between Trust and Profitability

PwC's research confirms the link between trust and profitability. Trust creates a positive work environment, resulting in better-quality work. Trustworthy businesses gain loyal customers who drive growth. Successful partnerships built on trust contribute to profitability.

Real-World Example

One of my clients exemplifies the transformative power of trust. Founded in the 1960s, this real estate company expanded across multiple states under its second-generation leadership. While also preparing the third generation to take the helm.

The second-generation leadership team cultivated a culture that thrives on transparency, trust, and collaboration. The team achieved minimal employee turnover through multiple economic cycles. They devoted several years to educating the third generation for their forthcoming leadership roles. Five third-generation family members now contribute to the business. One of whom has assumed the role of President. The rest of the family members are thrilled with the decision.

The smooth and transparent transition has enabled everyone to concentrate on the business. Steering clear of potential internal conflicts that could undermine it. The company's focus remains on fostering community relationships, expanding assets, fortifying cash flow. And perpetuating the culture their grandfather initiated more than 75 years ago.

This company example highlights how trust builds cohesive teams. How cohesive teams work better. And how this drives the success and profitability of the business.

How You Can Benefit

How can businesses leverage trust? By prioritizing four things:

  1. Transparency
  2. Employee engagement
  3. Customer feedback
  4. Ethical practices

Making the effort to build trust will be worth the payoff in the long run.


Trust is vital for business profitability. PwC's research confirms this. And my client’s case study is a perfect example of trust in action.

By investing in ways to improve trust, companies enhance employee satisfaction. This has a knock-on effect on customer loyalty and stakeholder relationships. Which leads to improved profitability.

Want to boost profitability through trust? Get in touch today to start your journey towards a transparent, cohesive, and successful business future..