Sibling wars

African American sister and brother quarreling. Preteen girl showing tongue to younger boy. Two little children lying in bed closeup portrait. Bad mood, negative emotion, upbringing and family concept

As in all families, some siblings get along, while others have the occasional falling out. If you’re having brother or sister troubles in your family business, here are two movies and a book that could inspire you to sort things out!

Already a modern classic, Disney animation Frozen follows estranged sisters Elsa and Anna, and how they must put their sibling differences aside to become the rulers of the kingdom of Arendelle, despite Elsa keeping a magical secret.

In Big Night, brothers Primo and Secondo need to save their struggling Italian restaurant, and work together to host a fundraising dinner when a famous jazz musician comes to town.

Read all about a famous historic family was structured in The Rothschilds: The Dynasty And The Legacy–the Rothschilds were famous for their wealth and success, which all stemmed from their family sibling structure.