Family business spearheads

Florence, Italy - April 25, 2016: Vintage Fiat 500L parked on quite street in the old town of Florence.

Throughout history, there’ve been countless family enterprise figures whose decisions have shaped their family’s – and their company’s – legacy. Find out more about their stories in these must-watch documentaries.

Gianni Agnelli was the extravagant principal shareholder of Italian car giant Fiat. Agnelli showcases how his lifestyle drove the company forward, and the role he played in making Fiat central to the Italian culture and economy.

85-year-old sushi masterJiro Ono has put years of hard work and dedication into his craft and business. But as Jiro gets older, his son,Yoshikazu, is eagerly waiting to take over. Watch how the procession of succession is affected by Jiro’s refusal to step down until Yoshikazu he has made the “perfect sushi”, in Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Infamous art collector Albert Barnes made it clear in his will that he wanted his extensive art collection to stay together, but his collection was auctioned off instead. Find out what happens when a donor puts rigid requirements around his philanthropic legacy in The Art of Steal.