When family businesses get stuck in personal conflict

and struggle to find a lasting way forward, they call on Jennifer to guide them.

Legacy Planning

What issues are holding your family business back?

I’ll help you overcome them and map a plan

Vast experience

Giving clarity, confidence and actionable plans to every kind of family business and foundation for over 30 years.

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I unravel the complexities of legacy planning to help your family talk to each other and navigate change like never before.

> Approach

Problems solved

From wealth planning and succession to growing your business, my strategies work for your family and your business.

> Results

From independent family businesses to global entities

I bring game-changing approaches to legacy planning, thanks to my corporate background, and my experience as a second-generation family business owner. So, I understand your dynamic better than most, and have the innovative ideas that will take both your business forward and your family forward.